Saturday, July 31, 2010

the wild one

"What the fuck was that all about?" Dave wanted to know what the shouting was in the livingroom. He'd heard Josh on the phone. He slipped into some pants just to find Josh making them a brew.

"Nothing." Josh brought him tea.

"Liar." Dave thought they could be completely honest with each other now. Couldn't they?

"Its Lauren." He squinted as if he wished not to bring her up.

"OK. She a runaway?"

"Suppose." Josh seemed distant. As if she would always be more than a runaway to him.

"What is it?" Dave sipped the stout tea. It just about knocked his socks of. He needed milk. He went to the fridge for some.

"She. She is a wild one." Josh just said.

"Is she?" Dave acted as if he hadn't a clue. Of course, he had had her knocked out when he had his way with her. He supposed, he liked them dead, at least conked out, yet, he pondered about Josh, it was so great knowing exactly what he could do to make Josh so alive.

"Its nothing. Sash is being a bitch. Nothing, unusual about that." Josh shrugged.

"Yeah, I know." But he didn't. Not really. He knew she cost a lot. More than he could pay. Honestly, he didn't want to know. He just wanted Josh. That's all he'd ever wanted. It sucked being a lady's man. So much trouble to have a hard on with one of them. But it was done. Dave's smile was open. It was just the beginning. The beginning of something great with Josh. He guessed, he'd just have to refresh that noggen of his.

Dave put down his tea, pulled Josh in with his belt loops. He guessed he'd just have to take care of that little friend of his who was worming his way out of Josh's briefs. Yes, just as Dave expected, he was definitely happy to see him.


ellie said...

now I'm beginning to think it could be Dave's baby, that Lauren might have.

ori said...

oh my..what next.