Friday, July 2, 2010

miss smarty pants

Rickey wasn't sure what had came over Theressa as of late. She revised revised revised. She was making school her addiction and it felt more like an illness to you.

"Babe, what about me?" He fretted. All they did was study. She didn't even take the time to look in his nickers as of late.

"Yes, well, you need more maths, actually." She informed him.

What had happened to her? Becoming a whiz and all the quizzes. She'd even signed them both up for a nerd bowl.

"Jesus! Can it get anymore complicated!" He couldn't hold it in much more there after school on the steps. He started to pull his curls.

"Now, now, Rickey!" Theressa swelled a frown. "I'm doing this for our own good. I am. We need all our exams in top shape."

"But you don't study!" Ricky reminded her with a scowl.

Theresa rolled her eyes.

"I have a reputation now." She'd been on the tele. Told all the reporters what they'd wanted to know about the footballer in the coma. "Everyone is looking at me to be a fine role model now."

Rickey's winced hard looked at her as if she'd lost it. She was a slapper through and through. Thats what the MacQueen's did best. How did she ever think she could over come it? She handed him a book. "Now study it, and I'll meet you at the library late."

"Why not now?" Rickey didn't get it.

"I have some tutoring to do." She looked at him as if she would soon be president of this establishment.

"You! A tutor?" Rickey couldn't believe it. Just when did she become so ace?

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ivy said...

talk about making a difference now.