Monday, July 5, 2010

the crying game

Needy didn't know what to believe with Newt anymore.

"Maybe, you should get some help." She was still sad. Even if he did tell her how much he loved her. Showed her too. She didn't have Lauren to confide in. Actually, it felt so wrong not to have her here. She was off with Gaz. But no one was suppose to know. Her Dad had came around already. Naturally, Needy told Lauren's Dad she hadn't seen her in ages.

It felt like it, anyhow.

What would Lauren do? She hugged a pillow on her bed now. Could she really believe Newt? Was this Emo boy alter ego, just a load shit? And what if that was the real Newt? And the one she was with was his alter ego? He was driving her mad. Even if he were the real MAD person here.

But as it was, there was nothing mad when they were together.

"Honestly, I didn't mean for it to happen. I thought I had Emo, all in check." He stood there in her room now watching her sob. But soon she felt his arms around her.

"You need to be in a hospital." She blurted as she was overcome with more tears.

"Don't say that," He could barely speak of it. "I can't go back there. Its torture. You know, completely."

Needy just squinted hard with tears. She felt his fingers touch her abs. His skin so close to hers. She breathed in his kiss as she turned to him. How could she say no to him. The fucking came without even thinking. It was true. She couldn't do without him.


ivy said...

oh, they would get back together.

knk said...

hi holly

cool story

looks bit sad today


Anonymous said...

More Lauren/Gaz stuff please!

ori said...

oh yeah, gotta have Lauren..