Saturday, July 10, 2010

moving on

Gaz knew they had to keep low for a time. They couldn't just blow the cash. He'd found them a little room above a motorcyle shop. They weren't quite squatting. Of course, it was trashed. Not much there but a place to sleep with a sink and toilet.

"Couldn't you have at least found us a decent loo?" Lauren was none to happy with the dwelling.

"Babe, beggers can't be chooser, now can they?" When was she ever princess, he thought then. "We'll get by until something better comes along, all right?" He gave her a glare.

She just nodded as if he was the one in charge now instead of her.

"How are you feeling?" He'd managed to find some old quilts and some pillows for the matress on the floor. The old man at the shop liked the way he handled a wrench so he'd hired Gaz on. It was like a dream come true to Gaz.

"Better." But he didn't believe her.

"You get some rest. I'll be down stairs if you need me." He had a job to do.

Lauren nodded. Just then her cell buzzed.

"Don't answer it." Gaz warned her.

She said she wouldn't.

"We can't have anyone looking for us, you know."  Gaz told her as he left her alone then. Lauren looked so tired. He was sure she'd sleep now.


Anonymous said...

Gaz is sweet.

Lovely stuff!

ori said...

I adore it too.

simon and josh said...

this is cool.