Thursday, September 23, 2010

just a groan or two

"You should have said nothing." Newt didn't like Anita hanging around Gaz. They weren't exactly friends.

"What?" Anita winced. "You can't tell me what to do? You can's say who I will and won't see." She hugged herself tight as they took a walk toward their little hideaway they were making a home now in an old abandoned building. It was right cold and they only had each other to keep themselves warm.

"I don't like it, when you get in people's business. All right." He slightly scowled as he hugged her close. He'd been to the gym to work out. There was a street fight coming up, and he thought he'd give it try. A hefty sum of money could be accumulated that way. Then they could find them a real place. They'd just have to hold out, until then. Wasn't like Frankie was helping out lately. She'd gone all religion on  him. She was more certain the bitch from hell now. Naturally, she wouldn't let him use the word. And she'd really lose it if he told her about Anita's condition.

"He had a right. He did." She sounded so certain about this notion of Lauren's baby being Gaz. What world was Needy living in? Lauren was a slapper and a whore many times over. After all, hadn't she a clue all the danger Lauren had put her in. Really, she was quite daff as far as Newt was concerned.

"I don't want to see you getting in Lauren and Gaz's game. OK?" He gave her a kiss on the cheek then. She nodded as she really might be devoted to him. He wanted to believe her. He did. Newt paid for them some fish and chips and they were soon on their way to their little notion of a home which mean many flights up the fire escape and around their way of a few windows. But still it was home. There home.

They had a laugh then. So close. Sharing the fish and chips in bed, feeding each other as if that alone would help them sleep the night through. But, God, it was getting so cold. Beyond good sleeping weather. But after the meal was done, he kissed her as they watched the stars above in the hole in the ceiling. It was just a bit of heaven, now wasn't it?

His cell vibrated. He checked to see it was Rae calling. Newt sucked in the breath. What the fuck was that about? He didn't really care to know. She might as well have been a figment of his imagination now. He hugged Anita close. Her fingers pried into places under his clothes that he was happy she hadn't forgotten. What else was there to do but fuck on a night like this.


ellie said...

He better not get too big for his britches.

simon and josh said...

Oh, is he really all there?