Saturday, October 23, 2010

here we go

"You're acting like a baby, you know its true." Anita was having to drag Newt out of that mess they'd been squatting in. Even with it being so cold at night, he was saying this was the life.

But she told him there would be money and food at this house. All sorts of possibilities of their future and the baby's too.

"It sounds like a glass house to me. Gawkers knowing our every move." He smoked on a cigarette to settle his nerves.

"Stop it. We can make it if we try." She was getting testy. They were all packed. They were meeting the others down at the train station. A one way ticket out of the village. She went on down the espcape route from their love nest. She supposed camera might come back and check out where it all began. She guessed it started here. Anita patted her tummy. Hardly showing as it was. God, how she wanted to keep a flat tummy.

She looked back and saw Newt contemplating it all. He took a long draw from the cigarette and finally followed. At the street he took her hand as if there was some sort  of unison. They were doing this for the baby. Not themselves.

It felt like a long walk in the damp night. But it was time to leave this place. And it would be good to get in a lulled sleep soon enough. But soon enough, they met up with Gaz and Lauren, as well as Rae and Nev.

The boys gave each other nasty looks, but Anita was certain the girls could stick together. She held each hand.

"It'll fuck'n great to leave this dump." She smiled from ear to ear. Lauren didn't look so certain. Rae was her constant sad self.

It wasn't long until they loaded up. None had much. Newt had a few smokes left. He shared one with Gaz as if they'd have to remake themselves for this ghastly program they were about to endure. It was Nev who held on to Rae the most. A sadness swept over Anita for a second. Maybe Rae was the lucky one.


ellie said...

Sounds like things are really going to change.

meg said...

sounds exciting.

ayşegül said...

ı want to know the resault :D
good sunday..:)))