Thursday, October 28, 2010

wanting a little quiet time

"Shit." Gaz was in no mood to be harassed by the staff when he got there. It was a long ride, and his butt felt as if it had met every bump possible.  "What is this? Are you fuck'n us over?" He thought they wanted the boys in one big room and the girls in another. It seemed so. They were interrogated about their relationships, right away. Thank God for the buffet. He even ate a goddamn salad. He ate the strawberries like a pig.

"Babe, must you?" Even Lauren found it a little disgusting. She told him they had it all on video.

"Who in the fuck cares?" He gave her an ominous look. Then it hit him. "Will it be on video, our fucking?"

"I dunno." Lauren winced hard as if he were really embarrassing her now.

"I should hope so." He was all grins, thinking he might be a porn star. He wouldn't doubt if they had a camera in the loo. Damn, Big Brother's doing. He put her arm around her as if they were in full blown out bliss. He wanted to be a rocker. He wanted to be the one everyone remembered. Not that dildo, Newt, nor that pansy Nev. Gaz was where it was at. He fed Lauren a strawberry then.

He turned to see a mic stuck in his face as if he were on the local news.

"Is it true this babe, might not be yours?" The reporter jabbed at him.

"What the fuck!" Gaz tore into the geek and his camera man. "You, going to far. You really are, asswipes!"


ellie said...

Gaz is not in a good mood.

meg said...

Oh this was kind of funny.

ayşegül said...

heey ohh ıt goes very cool.
good weekend..:))