Tuesday, October 12, 2010

it only takes two

"If only I were preggers." Theressa looked at Rae and Anita snidely. They'd met up Down at the Dog.

"There is this show on the tele." Anita told them about. They were downing their juicies. Suddenly, all three were chummy. It helped that Rae had herself her own boy to toy with that wasn't Newt. As it was, Newt seemed to be pretty oblivious to most anyone but Anita these days. Someone was on the straight and narrow and it just wasn't Theressa who was very much a student Olympian these days. "Lauren told me all about it. You get to all live in the house. And no one gets kicked out."

"What's the point then?" Theressa looked at her wide eyed.

"Its a documentary." Anita got testy.

"Its Big Brother is what it is." Theressa informed both of them.

"That's some other show." Rae gave her a scowl. "What do we have to do, Needy?"

"We find our man, and go down for an audition." Anita was all giddy then.

Theressa rolled her eyes at that. No way in hell was she dragging Ricky to anything. She wanted her curly haired bloke all to herself. Of course, she'd used him as her study partner, lately. Deprived him of such pleasures. She supposed she had a lot of making up to do. Didn't she.

"We'll you get a make over, if you get on this crap show?" Theressa did envy them a little, but not enough to want to have a baby with Rickey. Honestly, it was just fun, getting him alone to see just how she excite him.


ellie said...

won't this be interesting.

meg said...

Wow, can't hardly wait.

Keith said...

I can't wait to see what happens next here.

ori said...