Thursday, October 7, 2010

an unexpected thing

Really, Lauren was in a fix. She'd gone to the clinic in hopes she could have it done and over with.

Of course, she wasn't so sure if she were that good of an actress. Lie to Gaz that way about the baby. How she'd lost it when in reality she'd intended it to be. What a wretch of an individual she'd become? What had happened to her heart? Was she just cruel or was this survival?

She filled out the information in the little room with all the pamphlets and poster on avoiding pregnancy and sexual diseases. It was all so grim. When she looked at the questions about how many partners she'd had. It made her all the more squeamish. She didn't want to discuss this with anyone. And if Gaz were to know? What would he think?

Questions. Questions. She thought she might throw up. But she had to dress for an exam. What if she miscarried with all this disgust? What a pitiful time for it to happen? Before she knew it, her socked feet were in the stirrups. She squinted hard.

She'd never felt so lonely in her life. Rubber. Metal. Inside her. She just knew she might bleed. Being felt up from the inside. She so hated being here.

Finally the female doctor told her."Everything is right on schedule."

"I see." Lauren's nose was so stuffed up. She couldn't breathe.

"Unfortunately, its to late to abort it." She saw that Lauren was crying then and reached for a tissue. "Look, you ever thought of doing a reality TV show?"

"What?" Lauren shot her a look.

"I think you'd be great on the show. A new season starts up soon. I can make a few calls." The doctor smiled as if she had the answer she needed.

Lauren rose up on her elbows. She was in shock. Naturally, the doctor asked if she knew anyone else who might be in her condition that would want to be on the show too.


ellie said...

Oh how lucky.

meg said...

love the pic. what an offer.

E.L. said...

oh goodie!

ayşegül said...

ı'm laughıng
ı'm a bad gırl :Pp

good sunday..:))

DFF said...

won't this be exciting.

Keith said...

That is something to find out at the doctor's office.