Tuesday, November 16, 2010

open your eyes

Needy couldn't stop crying. She was in the emergency with her affliction. It was hard to keep it together. Truly, she loved Newt, but it was like being in a cage with a lion. What had set him off? Exactly? Was it Rae and Nev? Really?

She laid there resting with her hand all bandaged. What more did he want to do to her. Her wrist was sprained. The physician said she was lucky it wasn't broken. Needy shivered slightly. She felt so alone. Maybe she should just leave. She didn't care where she ended up now.

Suddenly, she wished a nice family had her baby. Not her. Not Newt. She didn't even want it close to him. Tears dripped down her face. Just then someone handed her a cell.

"Its for you." The nurse said.

Needy cleared her throat as she carefully sat up. She was expecting it was father or mother.

"Don't you dare, give up." It was Ste. Needy's eyes lit. Couldn't possibly be him. He was in the slammer.

"How-how did you know I was here?" It was like a wake up call.

"I miss you, terribly. Don't let Newt have his way with you. Don't think it. Show him you're just fine without him, because you are." She listened to his pep talk. It wasn't like anyone was sending them home. It was just a documentary. Giving the insightful look in to today's youth.

"I love you." His words carried. Such a recharging warmth spread through her. She thought it might have been an orgasm. Just how did Ste do it. Even from a jail cell.


lucy and sarah said...

hahahaha..this was great. Ste of all people. Cool.

ivyoaks said...

That must have been a shock to hear from him, and those words too.

ellie said...

Oh that would be something if Ste is there for a rescue.