Friday, November 12, 2010

just touching

Newt was in a bit of a seething frenzy.

So that's how it was. He had two babes here. One with Rae and then with Needy.

"He's a crock of shit." Newt paced and a cigarette was the only thing that might settle him before he went on. Newt had been expecting a vacation of some sort, instead of being harassed by the so-called press. They were making the covers of magazines. Lauren had already graced a PEOPLE'S cover. All alone, as it sounded.

"I need to put that Nev in his place." He looked at Needy who was all teary eyed and ashamed. At least Rae looked to be having a good time with her new boy-toy. "I bet he's never fucked a lass in his life." Newt gritted.

"Just stop it. Please." Needy begged, wanting to get close, but not too close to the smoke. "You won't go psycho on me, will you?"

"What?" Newt was offended now as they stayed in the so called green room with was actually a dull brown. It seemed the fruit was spoiling and a fly or two were on the premises.

"You know what I mean?" She gave him a sudden glare as if she could become ninja girl if his emo self showed up. "You're like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde."

"Needy! Shut it." He swelled an ugly frown. Before he knew it, he was putting out his smoke in the palm of her hand. He squeezed her wrist so tight. She needed to know who was in charge here. It very well wasn't her.

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