Thursday, December 2, 2010

he's in the house

No one had expected it. The surprise.

At least Gaz was better. Lauren thought so. They had to be on the same page with each other. She was sure they'd survive this. Aflter all, the producers had found jobs for most everyone. Gaz worked on cars now. Mainly changing oil, but he was learning about the mechanics of tires. Most likely he'd have a job after the show was over. And really, the poor bloke needed to express himself in work, just to get away from the fucking chaos of this place. Naturally, the cameras were on  him at work to catch how many times he said "fuck" a day. He was the record holder.

Lauren was learning to knit with the rest of the girls. She was still far away from talking to her sis on the phone or her father. And then what do you know. Shit...a guest in the house.

"Everyone, give a big hand to that charming Charlie MacDonnell!" it was announce. "CHARLIE'S IN THE HOUSE!"

Naturally, Needy jumped up to squill. Rae was furious that the Internet Idol would see her in such a condition.

"I'm fat!" She wanted to hide. But the boys were all out trying to tackle work in various shops. Like dog grooming and learning how to sell top gadgets in the real world department stores so Rae had no where to run too.

"Its that time of year." Charlie was all smiles. He broke out in song. Of course, it was wonderful. Lauren was delighted he'd come. However, it wasn't all song and dance. He was serious a few minutes later.

Next thing she knew they were sitting in chairs in a circle, and he was questioning each one of the girls.

"What's your favorite charity, Rae?" He dazzled that remarkable innocent smile of his.

"Uh, um..well, I helped with the blind cat rescue squad, back in my village." She was rather reserved about it, thought Lauren. She had no idea that Rae helped clean cat kennels and all. And she'd even help hold a ladder when these blind creatures were up in trees. Of course, that was years ago. She was big pot head now. Or was. Probably would be again once she popped that bugger out.

"And you Needy, have you done anything special?" Charlie looked at Needy as if she was the one, most beautiful, out of the three. Lauren couldn't help but breathe in the pathetic!

"I don't remember now. Canned food drive?" Needy was guessing. Lauren just rolled her eyes.

"Sounds lovely." Charlie got back to a question for Lauren.

"Don't suppose I have." Lauren was honest. Why should she care about taking care of anyone? It was hard getting by as it was, with or without family, especially, when she had a dad who was an on again drunk.

"Well, if you three give it a go, at the Children's hospital with me til Christmas, I've got iPhones for all of you." He held up one of the prize possessions then.

Rae shot Lauren a look as if she wondered what he meant.

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ellie said...

hahahaha..what would Charlie think if he knew you were writing fan fic about him..hehehee.