Tuesday, December 7, 2010

if he were Prince Will

"What does he mean?" Rae winced, a bit hopeless. Truly, Charlie should have been the true Prince Charming if there ever  was one. He was just good. Through and through. He knew all the right things to say in this world. And, he was so innocent. Rae's dream come true.

She'd found out from her bloke ... he was born in Canada. She was with a blessed Canadian. Not exactly that exciting, she thought of him now. Nev, the Canadian. She hadn't meant to hurt his feelings. But if he'd been French, she could have at least said she had French lover.

Back to Charlie. Well, what was he really expecting? He was long gone, of course. Spent perhaps five minutes at the most with them in their little Q & A sessions.

"He wants to fuck?" She winced. Well, she would, of course. It was Charlie McDonnell.

"Well of course he does, you  little cow." Lauren gave her an ominious look.

"Really?" It was a pleasant thought. It made her warm and all orgasmic inside. She bit her bottom lip as if it would be completely fantastic. Completely, she was dreamy now as she twisted with delight, hugging herself.

"Are you out of your fuck'n mind, Rae!" Lauren snapped. She even gave her a slight bonk on the head with her hand. "The bloke is as gay as they come, or haven't you noticed?"

"No, he isn't!" Anita protested. "He has a plenty of opportunities. Daily. Bet he could snag Prince Will's bird if he wanted." She rested her case.

"He's talking about charity work! Remember! You idiot fangirls. Get with the program, will you?" Lauren went to get a cup of tea made up for them.

"Its just-" Rae looked at both of them a little sad. "Its not the same here, you know. I feel a lost cause, some of the time."

"What, not enough fucking?" Lauren gave her a glare.

"Yeah, thats what it is." Rae pressed her lips tight.

"Then to hell with them. What should they care how much or how long we fuck. Might be our only chance. Its not like it would hurt the babe, you know." Lauren explained.

Rae nodded.

"So no fucking Charlie?" Rae asked again, so innocently.

"NO!" Lauren and Anita said in unison, glaring at Rae.

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ellie said...

Hahaha..about Charlie.