Sunday, February 6, 2011

the pleasure of your company

"I dunno why you won't do anything you're really good at?" Lauren looked at Gaz, there in the dining hall. It was quiet. Seemed all cameras were on Needy and Newt, lately. Would they stick it out, the duration of this documentary or call it quits.

"What? I love grooming doggies." Gaz almost had his camera face on. Actually, he was saying, "What? I'm not out kicking over liquor stores for you? Is that what you mean?"

"You are good at mathematics." She looked at him as if he were probably a genius that no one knew about. He liked that about her. Finding these good things in him that he usually over looked.

"How do you know?" He glared at her, not wanting to be happy about the fact.

"I just do." Her sweet smile and her innocent shrug. She was a winner, already. They just had to see this through. Together.

"You know I'm color blind." He slightly smiled, but not too much.

"What are you saying, I'm a blond, to you?" She teased and her arm came around him. He felt safe with her. He wanted it to always be that way. Not this shit thrown in their faces about the past. But now. Really, right now. He wanted them to have a good life. He wanted mathematics to work for him. Who knew, maybe everyone wanted a dog groomer. He was up for that too. As long as they could be a family in a happy home.


ellie said...

I think they'll last.

Through My Eyes said...

I see a bright future ahead, so far.....

ivy said...

I love them together.