Thursday, January 27, 2011

setting it straight

"Do you think Newt knows?" Josh looked at Dave. They were tuned into the reality show from their flat. They always made time for the show. No matter what. They'd recorded it, if they were at work.  But really, they were just couch potatoes when it came to TEEN MOMS LIVE. Not that they had to have the right answer about anything. It was just brilliant.

"He's a twit." Dave shrugged. They made out during the commercial break. Of course, Josh wished someone had the camera on them and filmed everything in their lives.

"Its getting so complicated, you know." Josh smiled as he came up for air. "Who fucked who?"

"I', glad no one's been kicked off. Just hope Newt won't leave." Dave looked at the TV with his arm around Josh. They were still tangled up in each other.

"Why is that? Should I be jealous?" Josh eyed Dave.

"No, silly." Dave frenched Josh then. "Its just, you know, how can he ignore Rae completely?"

Josh bit his bottom lip then. Should he confess his thoughts about Lauren to Dave? He'd kept it to himself for so long now that he barely remembered himself.

"Um, babe, there's a chance Lauren's kiddie could be my own." Josh let the cat out of the bag.

"Are you serious?" Dave winced hard. He kept staring at Josh as if he might slap him or maybe have a go at him. "Then call them up. Maybe that little bugger needs two DADs."

Josh smiled. He couldn't imagine either one of them having enough parenting skills with an infant.