Thursday, February 24, 2011

unexpectedly so

Rae wasn't like the others. It was a fact she was happy to see what became of her breasst. She felt more sexy than ever, being pregnant.

"But once the baby is born, then what?" Nev seemed to be underminding. Here she was going on and on every moment she could how he gushed over her when in reality it was her gushing over him.

"What do you mean?" She knew how these scenarios worked. It was a script or anything but who ever in charge was working damn hard to split them all up. No one wanted to see happiness, evidently. And they had that didn't they?

He let it go. He had a job. She had her fingernails to paint sea-green. Yes, it was all so sweet. Perhaps, not what she was used to. But she had a home. She hadn't had one of those for an awful long time.

"Well, the others seem to have a history." She heard Nev on the tele, later, with one of the reporters. Rae was a bit peeved they'd interview him like that, without her. But as it was, he was on the job at some bistro where he cleaned tables. "But..." Thank God there was a but, thought Rae as she could only hear the clank of dishes prevail.

"But we seemed to have found each other at the perfect time." Nev looked straight into the camera. "She was down on her luck. I had just gotten out of stupid relationship with this bloke who wanted to run every aspect of my life. I finally felt free. But then I saw how Rae was broken in pieces, practically. Its been a new adventure for the both of us."

Rae just stared at the screen. GAY. What? She had no idea. It couldn't be. Nev. Really? Well, she thought she must might shit. What happened to her little perfect world?


Through My Eyes said...

I hope the pregnancy goes through okay. Why is it that women get stuck with all the baggage?

ellie said...

That would be a shock to find out about him.

Yesha said...

Does she really have to be affected? o_O Just concern about her pregnancy.