Sunday, January 24, 2010

on her own

"Did you forget about me?" Rae was a bit disconcerted with Newt even if he had brought her tea and biscuits this morning. It wasn't exactly tea in bed, now was it?

"I do detect you quite mad, sometimes, you know." Newt just shrugged. "You need your sleep. You said you wanted to get away from the scene and...and well, its sort of like a holiday, isn't it?"

"Holiday!" She was going to be ill now with this sort of rubbish attitude of his.

"Shhh..." Newt looked at her so seriously. "Keep it down."

"What the fuck am I to do with myself, without you here!" She fretted.

"You are laying low." He reminded her. "Here, some books. I got you the classics. Jane Austen."

Rae scowled at that. He'd checked them out right here at the library. They weren't even his books.

"Now be a good lass, will you?" He said with all his sincerity. He had to get to school.

"I'm not a child." She squinted.

"Then stop acting like one." He sighed.

"Come and see me, later, after school, please?" She begged as she did her best to wrap herself around him, but he undid her clingy fingers around his neck.

"I'll try. You have too much shit you need to get a handle on." He told her.

She didn't like the sound of that as she watched him go. No kiss. Nothing. Rae looked at the books then, wishing she could throw them at him, but she didn't. She supposed being his hostage was her own doing.


ellie said...

poor Rae. Newt, wanting to help her to read more. Kind of funny.

Anonymous said...

My friend one day was talking about the name Abella and how she loved it so much but how it annoyed her that it sounded too much like Bella, which would be like Twilight. Since she wasn't ever going to use that name, I used it.

I posted the start of another story now but I can always post more of the one I did yesterday, it's just whatever the people want. I mean who knows what stories people will like.

Funny conversation, good books though.

a degrassi moment said...

Well, Rae is perhaps not the best influence on him. Perhaps he's trying to be one.

elliestories said...

newt locking her in the lib...omg..kind of strange. but she's kind of strange.