Sunday, February 28, 2010

here comes tomorrow

It was a new day as far as Lauren was concerned. Josh had brought her tea in bed. It was so sweet and she had no idea he knew how to make eggs. Suddenly, she didn't feel like a school girl anymore, but someone sophisticated and really loved.

Not that old school crap with Newt. This was real. This was what Lauren considered her first. A serious relationship. When Josh kissed her it was like he knew exactly what she wanted. Or was it the fact, she knew what he wanted.

"I don't know if I can stand to see you go." He put his arms around her as he craddled her in bed as she tried her best to eat breakfast. She ended up giggling and feeding him toast.

"Are we a good match?" She wondered aloud.

"Of course." She felt his smile behind her ear. He kissed her shoulder then as he rested his chin then where he'd kissed her.

"What would my sis think?" Lauren winced.

"Dunno. Just don't tell her, as of yet, will you?" He fretted slightly.

"OK, of course not, babe, I'm keeping it silent, just like you said." She promised as she put the dishes on the night stand next to the bed.

She sensed he was hoping to get lucky this morning as his fingers pried between her legs and up her stomach. Before she knew it she was giving in to kiss. She closed her eyes as she felt herself wound up and waiting. Finally, it felt great. Amazingly comfortable now. She felt so spoiled. But this perfect. And she so wanted to spend the day in bed with him. Really, she felt quite in tune with his body and his moves now.


ellie said...

looks like they might be a couple.

the oaks said...

so smittened!

simon and josh said...

Lauren is really into him now. I see.