Friday, February 5, 2010

highly unlikely

Lauren felt herself tossing and turning. Dave's face would not go away. She'd been with him, and she didn't know what had happened. She felt so violated as if he knew her deepest secrets. She was angry and she wanted to get back at him, somehow.

It was late, possibly early morning. She heard someone in the kitchen. Her sister giggling. Lauren went down to investigate. It was Sasha and Josh. Was she with him now?

She was terribly drunk. Barely, standing. Lauren helped Josh get Sasha to her room as quietly as they could. They undressed her and put her to bed. It didn't take Sasha long to start a slight snore. They both smiled at each other, trying hard not to laugh.

"How did this happen?" She whispered to Josh.

"It always does. Dunno why. Guess, she misses someone," Josh said a bit sad.

"Was she stood up?" Lauren wanted to know.

"Guess so." Josh shrugged as he leaned over to turn off the lamp. They were in the dark then, and Lauren felt Josh so close, she couldn't help but want to hug him.

"I'm scared." She found herself breathing him in as if she didn't want to be alone. Perhaps this was just some strange ploy to get him here.

"Come on, it not that bad." He whispered back, and they went to her room softly up the steps.

It was there in her room with her back against the door that she crumbled into tears. The street light made everything blue. So lonesome.

"Lauren, did something else happen?" Josh came closer. Brushed his fingers through her curls. His hand gently rested on to her shoulder.

She shook her head, no.

"I just can't stop thinking about him." She blinked tears.

"Its OK. We'll get through this. You'll see. He'll mean nothing to you. Honestly." He looked in to her eyes. She was so sure he'd kiss her forehead as if she were his littlest sister, but instead, his lips found hers, and it was lovely. She pressed back as if she wanted him too. It was so brand new. His presence, so warm. His gentle hands around her. It wasn't long until they twisted and turned to find the bed. They couldn't get enough of each other. But each kiss grew more longing, and it was brilliant.

No, she thought of only one person. That was Josh. His sweet smile on her as he pushed his way into her PJ's. Fingering her ever so sweetly as if she'd have to have more. Have too. Truly, she felt she was his now, and she could keep a little secret. She could. Most definitely.


gossip girl gone vamps said...

looks like someone is going to have fun.

mazzie may said...

well, won't this be something.

the oaks said...

hmmm..that josh seems to know what he's doing. At least.

simon and josh said...

Josh in her room. What could possibly happen next?

Jules said...

it's been been a while since i last visited here. I'll put you in my visit list so that I can visit you regularly :D

thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my capiz shell jewelry boxes :)

Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad she feels safe with Josh.

ellie said...

I'm wondering where this might be going...