Thursday, February 4, 2010

live in lies of desire

My revolution thoughts
Live in lies of desire
I wanna trace them to the source
And the wire
But it's not useful now
Since we both made up our minds
You gotta watch out for yourself
So will I -vampire weekend

Now she'd come crying, thought Gaz when he got off the phone with her. He didn't have time for her shit. Really, she couldn't decide how she felt about him. Half the time, she was a real nutter. Not what he needed her in his little world when he had to be on the ball. People thought he was a bad mother.....all right, guess his mom wouldn't approve, but hey, what's a bloke to do to get ahead in the world with nothing?

Gaz walked to a beat of a different drummer. He was there. Then he wasn't. But fuck, he'd been there time and time again, always helping Rae. And this was the thanks he got. When she needed a fix, she bugged him. Other wise, she'd tell him to go to hell.

What had he ever done to her? Other than the dope. But she wanted it, and he was glad he could abliged then suddenly she was all high and mighty with this Newt character. It really sucked. He thought they had something, but really, he was just her drug buddy.

"Who in the hell does she think I am? Her knight in shining armour!" Gaz was being snide still as he made his way down the street.

"What the fuck, you going on about?" Ste gave him a nudge from the dark. He lit a smoke and handed it to Gaz as if he might need it. From one hoodlum to the next, Ste had his back, most times.

"Its that chav, Rae." Gaz sucked in a surprising lovely lift from the cigarette. "Don't know what the fuck to do with that slapper."

"Why don't you leave it to me?" Ste gave him a sly smile.

"Would you?" Now that was an offer. He had places to be. Packages need'n tended too and the like.

"What's a best mate for?" Ste winced as he took another tight drag off the homemade cigarette.

Gaz just smiled. He gave Ste a pat on the back, and they went on their separates into the dark.


cait said...

Gaz and Ste. I think we've met our bad guys!

simon n josh said...

They do seem to be bad news.

Ivyoaks said...

Looks like someone has taken over the village.

ellie said...

I wonder what Ste will do.

Lon and Ellie said...

They sound pretty mean.