Tuesday, March 30, 2010

how so

Sasha was thrilled to see Sunny. It had been ages. She so missed him. It didn't feel like family, without him. Sure she never spoke of him. She knew Lauren wouldn't like it. As it was.. Sunny wasn't all that fond of his little half sister nor brother for that matter.

Maybe she was upset with her little sis, too. She couldn't explain it, but Dad always supported his little angel the most, and he was just daft when it came to her problems.

"What the fuck brings you here?" He gave her a hug and looked Josh over as if his little sis was insane to bring some wannabe posh to his pad.

"You know, I needed the city." She was all smiles, holding Josh's hand all the while. "We could crash, right?"

"I suppose. With him, aye?" He winced at Josh, who backed away so Sunny could be with his sister.

"I could, go, you know, pick up some take away." Josh nodded.

"You do that, you puff." Sunny said none to nice.

But Sasha took a good look at Josh's lips and gave him what he wanted to help through the next 30 minutes. She smiled at him. He smiled back.

"God, its true then, you two an item?" Sunny scowled.

Sasha looked at her brother hard then as Josh left. Once he was gone, Sasha backed Sunny into a corner and kissed him as if it was a long time coming.

"Why is it.. you make suffer with shit like him?" Was all Sunny had to say, but he kissed her back though. She knew he'd missed her.


lily said...

I didn't expect that.

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meg said...

really, a shock.

blue hearts said...

This just gets more and more interesting.