Thursday, April 1, 2010

a faded memory

Josh was doing his best to be a friend. A good boyfriend. He bought plenty of food for them all and even some lager to round out the meal.

But it was peculiar when he got back. The closeness between Sasha and Sunny. Josh couldn't exactly put his finger on it. Soon enough they were all drinking though. First the lager and then Sunny got out the vodka and made drinks.

"Here, try these little babies." He had pills to take too.

Josh just smiled. Sasha was partaking in everything as well. She just smiled. It was party, now wasn't it? Even if it were the three of them.

But did he see what he thought he saw?

Sasha and Sunny together. Their skin touching. Kissing. Even more. Much more. It startled Josh who wasn't sure if he were seeing things because as it was...Sasha was either coming down on him, or was it Sunny?

He really wasn't sure, and too daft to ask. He was just enjoying the show, perhaps. Or the sex. Something in-between, maybe. Josh blinked not sure if he believed his eyes.

Naturally, he woke up the next day between Sunny and Sasha. Not a stitch on. It was getting strange, he thought.

He went to shower, hoping to wake up from this surreal dream, but Sasha soon found him and suds-ed him up good. Finally, some alone time.

"What the fuck is going on between you too?" He said after she'd kissed him and fondled him a bit.

"What do you mean?" She winced.

"The two of you, fucking." Josh was solemn about it.

"Don't be daft." Sasha grinned. "You were just seeing things. " She assured him.

"Was I?" He gave her a bitter look. "You know, I could be home right now, having a go at that sister of yours, she loves me, you know."

"What?" That set Sasha off. "You and Laurie? No, I don't believe you."

"Its true. It would be quite regular, if it weren't for you." He frowned then. "I should have never come with you, if I'd known you were like this with Sunny."

"Leave Sunny out of this. " She was cold then. "How could you, Josh? My little sis!" She grabbed his cock then, hard as she could as if she might jerk it off and keep it for herself.

Josh's face tensed.

"Let me go!" He gritted in intense pain. "Please!" He begged.

She shoved him into the shower stall wall.

"Fine! Don't ever touch my sister, again." She scowled.

Josh hit his head against the wall. Next thing he knew, she went down on him as if he better stay true to her, or else.


ellie said...

wow, Sasha is fierce.

Anonymous said...

whoa. Can you update on the gaz/lauren stuff? i've been waiting for ages.

holly said...

Thanks anonymous..I'll try. I just wasn't sure if anyone was interested or not.

lily said...

This is getting strange.

elliestories said...

Sash means business.

Anonymous said...

Yep, i'm very interested. I like gaz and lauren together in hollyoaks.

the oaks said...

sasha fierce..hehehee