Wednesday, March 10, 2010

like candy

Rae was so glad to see her Emo Newt after school. He came home quickly. She wondered if he'd gotten away before the bell rang.

"Should I just call you, Emo?" She smiled then.

"If you wish." He pressed his lips together, looking her over. "Just as long as you missed me as much I missed you."

"Most definitely." They kissed then.

"We should get away for awhile, don't you think?" His dark eyes stared at her so intently as if she could have his thought swimming in her head soon enough.

"You would? With me?" She looked him over as if he must be teasing. But his hands slid down her waist and rested on her buttocks. They kissed for some time.

"Come on, you need better clothes." He told her.

Rae just smiled.

"We have to be careful, what if Ste finds us?" Rae reminded him.

"Right." He kissed her more and soon they were on the floor, snogging and forgetting anyone else was in their world. Just the way Rae liked it. She liked having Emo all to herself.


simon n josh said...

oh, my...what will newt do?

cass and cady said...

I'm kind of shocked about Newt.

Ivyoaks said...

woooo..I should have expected it.