Monday, March 8, 2010

so sad to think

"What do you suppose happened to Rae?" Gaz couldn't help but be concerned. It troubled him that Ste had lost her like that. Not that he wanted to be in his business, but still Ste was suppose to know what he was doing. Now didn't he?

They were in the back of the pool hall at one of the pubs that people they knew never visited.

"How should I fucking know?" Ste looked up at him as he was about to shoot the cue ball.

"Shit, Ste, what if you lost her, for good?" Gaz winced back. "She was my bird, you know."

"Well, you didn't have your name tattooed on her, now did ya?" Ste scowled ever so much about the dilemma. Of course, neither were doing much about it, but sipping a lager instead.

"I'm just a little leery, you know." Gaz fretted.

"Get the shit over it, will you? You've got packages to deliver, now don't you, boy." Ste took another shot. He would not be bothered with Rae's departure.

Gaz couldn't explain it to Ste, but Rae might have been the closest thing he'd ever found to love. She was a bit of a follower, but what the hell. He had fun getting her high and doing shit with her. She was a laugh. Those were good times, he thought on it now. If only he'd been kinder. If only he'd had more chance with might of worked. He might never know now. And Ste didn't give a shit about no one, but himself.

"Look, I got folks on it." Ste looked at Gaz then. "She'll show up." He just didn't say how she might show up. "Now get to work."

Gaz sucked in. This boy had to make some cash. There was a little sister and mother to feed at home.


cait said...

I think Gaz is nicer than he thinks he is.

fan fic said...

Poor Gaz.