Wednesday, April 7, 2010

another day another dollor

"Fuck!" Ste scowled tossing his lit cigarette into the wind. Where the hell was Gaz? Ste was certainly in a pissar mood over the prick. It was his duty to be on time. And the arse hadn't shown up all day. There were things to get done. Gaz was his man when it came to the go to places.

Ste stomped around a bit in the alley. He was not in a good mood. And where was Sasha? First Rae had gone missing. Now his number one bird was a no show, as well.

"Shit!" What was he to do? Ste was beginning to trust no one. Finally, he looked up and saw Gaz coming.

"You're fucking late!" Ste slapped Gaz on the side of the head.

"Sorry, just a bit under the weather, you know." Gaz sucked in a breath. "What's up?"

"You're dick, that's what's up." Ste spat back.

Gaz just grimaced.

"Tell me, you seen Sash?" Ste gave him a glare.

"No, sir."

"When have I ever been a fuck'n sir, to you?" Ste grimaced.

"Sorry." Gaz shook his head, no. "Haven't seen her, honest to God."

"Get me India." Ste told him then. "Tell her to meet me at the Dog. I have an offer for her. If you see, Ames, tell her to come too." That would take a little doing, but he needed him some girls. There was money to be made in this village, somehow.


Anonymous said...

Lol at Gaz being Ste's bitch. Hmm what's Ste up to?

meg said...

but is he?