Friday, April 9, 2010

over and done with

"I swear, Needy, you got to get over that wanker." Anita heard every word Lauren said as they strolled through the park, alone.

Still, Anita couldn't rid herself of this pain she felt. She'd given herself to Newt and he was gone, as of yesterday, so mysteriously. Darren said he saw him with a lass. Anita could only think of one. She thought she might throw up. It made her so sick to think he was off with Rae.

"Are you listening to me?" Lauren pulled her toward her.

"What?" Anita just wanted to be in her sad little world. Couldn't she just leave her alone.

"Things are gonna change in the village." Lauren informed her.

"How?" Anita looked at her as if Lauren had lost it.

"I need your help." Lauren informed her.

Anita shook her head, no.

"Yes, you'll do it. Teresa is too far gone to do anything for us. She's got her own shit to deal with, getting that footballer in a coma." Lauren glared at Anita.

"How did that happen?"

"She's sick. All right. Sick in the head. As usual." As Lauren said that, Anita winced thinking perhaps it was Lauren sick in the head.

"I dunno what you mean." And Anita didn't.

"Ste! That wanker's taken over the village. We have to stop him, Needy!" Lauren demanded.

Really, Anita didn't need to be a part of this. She shook her head, and made a run for it toward the woods. Damn, if Lauren didn't take her down, anyway.

Anita's heart beat raced as she came face to face with Lauren on the ground. On top of her. She was sure it would be a punch in the face, but instead Anita felt the weight of Lauren on top of her. Anita heaved slightly as Lauren's lips met hers.

"Let me help you," Lauren said. She gave her a lovely open kiss then as if she could make Anita forget about Newt, entirely.

Anita's heartbeat steadied.

"You don't need him, Needy. You never did." Lauren assured her. They kissed more. It was settled. Anita supposed she wasn't going anywhere for a while in Lauren's grasp.


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This was good. Even though, honestly I got nooo idea what is goig on.
I'm having this survey thing-ish kinda on my blog.
I've fallen into sort of a rut. And i need HELP!
So check it out if you can, will ya?

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oh could she???

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I wonder where this is going???