Monday, April 5, 2010

a load of crap

Theresa was sitting pretty as a picture with Rickey by her side as the news reporter questioned her about the footballer attack.

"Honestly, I'm so shocked." She said so sweetly, when she very well knew it was all her fault for putting him under. He might never be the same again. Suddenly, she was the new village sweetheart. She'd never done a horrid thing in her life. Oh, no, she had nothing to do with the missing laptops from the media center. Although, there was one waiting under her bed, that she used on occasion.

"Really, someone had some nerve." She finished with that, and wished they had a goodie bag for her to take home. The lights could really make her sweat.

"You were just gorgeous." Rickey promised with his arm around her.

"And I'm your lass." She smiled so as if she could eat him up if given half a chance.

But afterwards she cried like a baby, practically. Right into Rickey shoulder.

"Dunno if I can take this shit." She told him. "I'm not a monster, really. I wanted nothing to do with him, you know. I was afraid, Rickey. Honest I was."

"I know, babe, I believe you." He patted down her hair, carefully. She couldn't dare be messy. "Don't look back, please! We have each other now. That's all that matters." His finger pushed her bangs back.

The rest of the village might have been going to hell in a handbag. But they certainly weren't. There were still some precious individuals here.


ellie said...

will she turn good?

meg said...

Teresa likes the lime light.

lily said... good can she be???

elliestories said...

don't know what she's really up too.