Saturday, April 3, 2010

whats to know

"Tell me more what Ste is up too." Lauren prodded as she sat on top of Gaz in her bed. She fed him some of her hard apple that she ate while he practically lost himself inside her. He didn't think it could possible be quite this good, but she was. And she let him be there.

"Dunno. Really." He squinted.

"Yes, you do." She looked him in the eye. Her arms around his neck. They were practically glued to each other.

"No, really, he keeps plenty from me. Honest. I'm just a delivery boy, you see." He felt himself let go, little by little. He'd never been with anyone, quite like this.

"Don't you have school?" He remembered,vaguely, but her little moves were taunting him more. Up and down. All around. It might have been a bit cheeky, but sensations just the same.

"It can wait." She fed him more of the apple. He wanted to concentrate on the sex. The apple was just a distraction to annoy him perhaps, or a way to prolong the agony.

"What do you plan to do?" Gaz questioned with a squint.

"Why kick his ass, of course." Lauren told him with a sly smile. Her wild hair fell on his shoulders then.

"But-" Gaz tensed more. He was cumming. His little moves steadied. He knew she could sense it. Her smile drove him wild. "Lets not talk about it, please."

She tossed the apple and her tongue touched his. Really, she was quite tantalzing at this.


Anonymous said...

I love this haha, Lauren is awesome.

meg said...

i wonder what she's up too????

Holly said...

Thanks, Anonyous. Yeah, I'm a fan of Lauren's too. Just don't know about that Newt, anymore.

ellie said...

Lauren is definitely getting some fun

lily said...


simon and josh said...

oh goodie!