Monday, April 26, 2010

no pressure

"I want this. I do." Dave told Josh. "I've been thinking about it for ages."

Dave couldn't wait to undress Josh. "We belong together. We do." He tugged Josh's T off.

"But, it just isn't you." Josh winced. Possibly a litte drunk. But not complete.

"Who's to know the real me, anyway." Dave gritted, not wanting Josh to be sick of him. "I'm not all warped. Really." Dave bit his bottom lip. He touched Josh's cheek then, pulling hin in. Their bare abs touched. It was lovely and Dave could hardly stand it. He had to kiss him longingly. He wanted the questions to stop. He just wanted Josh.

At first Josh backed away, but his reistence was low as his tongue played with Josh's so longing. It was getting warm now and when Dave slipped his hand down Josh's jeans. Jackpot. It was happening. This was just as he dreamed it would be. They kissed more until they finally found the bed.

Dave unbuttoned Josh's jeans as he pushed him down on the bed. He touched Josh more and he kissed Dave back as he was beginning to unwind and moving ito Dave's touch. There were no questions to ask. Just little nudges that found a life of their own.

Dave just smiled as he stroked Josh's hard on. It would just be a matter of time to know who would go first. It really wasn't easy to decide just which one was the girlfriend yet.


misty said...

wow, very revealing.

simon n josh said...


about the ending.

axel said...

sweet developement.