Wednesday, April 28, 2010

nobody said it would be this hard

"All you have to do is show him that you care." Anita listened to Lauren's instructions as she popped a pill in her mouth.

"What's this?" She almost choked on it.

"Never mind, what it is, something to make you feel good." Lauren looked at her seriously. "You can't be a baby about this. You have to show him you're a real woman." Lauren gave her some vodka to choke down with it. They were back in Sasha's room where Lauren had found a frilly black lingerie number to accentuate the positive, no less.

"Like what?" Anita was still lost.

"Shit. Use your imagination. You have to. You must, Needy. I need you to do whatever it takes to keep Ste out of our hair." Lauren pressed her index finger into Anita's chest. "Got it?"

"I dunno." Anita felt a bit off. She missed her Newt. Naturally.

"Grow up. Where are your balls. This is Ste. You must show him you can do it." Lauren informed her.

"Do what?" Anita wasn't sure exactly.

Lauren's teeth clenched.

"You're helpless, do you know that?" She turned from her then, shaking her head.

"Sorry." Anita winced.

Lauren looked her over and gave her a mad snog then forcing Anita into it.

"Can you do that?" Lauren wanted to know.

Anita nodded.

Then out of no where the apparatus appeared.

"Wear this." She held it up. A wicked pale phallus. "He likes surprises."


misty said...

ha, thats a surprise.

heath and nick said...


a degrassi moment said...


maxxie and tony said...

don't you know it!!!

colin gray said...

can she go through with something like that????

gossip girl said...

I wonder just how this will go when she's with Ste.

meg said...

hahahaha..I think Anita has her work cut out for her.

izzy and dev said...

this should be interesting for sure.