Saturday, May 1, 2010

snap that whip

Ste felt a bit off at the club. He was in his room. The back room. It was all so quiet yet. No action happening. He was bored. Usually, he was in the middle of something. But he had a little time before a poker game started or the slappers would be in. He really loved a party.

Just then the door cracked open as he was finishing up a snort of coke to keep him at ease. It was skirt.

"Excuse me." The voice was quite tiny, but she really looked sweet and sexy.

"What the fuck you want?" He snapped.

"Just didn't know if you , you know, you needed an extra-"

"Come here." He motioned her to come forth. Told her to turn around. "You ever done anything like this?"

She shook her head, no.

"Shit. What the fuck do you want?" He scowled.

"I need the money." She looked as if he'd wounded her already.

"Right, got it." Ste nodded. She leaned in and touched his neck than. Went for a snog and her hands brushed the inside of his pants to give his cock a squeeze.

"Is that all you got?" The kiss was a little wobbly. But it was as if she might want to learn.

"No. Of course not." Thats when she jerked the appartus out of her bag.

Ste smiled. "Interesting. I like your ingenuity."


ellie said...

cool last line.

cass and cady said...

Yeap, Ste might be happy about this..hahahaha..

meg said...

Cool last line.