Sunday, April 11, 2010

which way is up

Gaz began to fidget at the Dog.

There was Ste in broad daylight buying drinks for India. He was all suave, and it was disgusting to watch.

Perhaps Lauren was right. They needed to take back to village. It was time they stood up to that cad. Still Gaz just wasn't sure how they'd do it.

"We have to under-mind him." Lauren had told him earlier as he was trynig to get dressed. Only she would barely let him. Somehow, she had a way of making him smile. Perhaps it was in her kiss or touch, but he was pretty much under her spell. He had a feeling he needed her now. He remembered what she said. "We'll need a lot of cash. Do you know how to get any, Gaz?"

That would take some doing. He didn't know exactly how to do it, but he wanted too. All because he wanted her too.

But he sat at the a bar in the dark nursing a lager while Ste had his little talk with India. He was making her laugh now and his hand was on her knee. Gaz supposed this was progress. He just shook his head, wondering how Ste did it. What did he say exactly to get away with it. Was in the smile? What had he promised? Just what would he do to India?

Gaz thought of Lauren and how she couldn't wait to take down Ste. He just didn't see how. But she kept telling him as lips took in his skin. "You just have have a little faith in me, Gaz. You ever had faith in anyone before?"

When she had looked him in the eye back in her room.... honestly, he thought he could. He wanted too. He wanted to beat Ste, somehow.


meg said...

I like Gaz.

ellie said...

Ste vs. gaz & lauren. cool.

fan fic said...

gaz should stand up to him.

Samantha said...

I Love your blog. Great post.