Tuesday, August 3, 2010

making a house a home

"Is everything all right?" Nev had taken Ray in. Given her a home to go too. Even if it were just the couch in the den. No one was home to mind.

"Yeah, completely." How would she ever repay them. Snow cones and corn dogs? It was a ruff summer at the beach. He'd made it plausable. All right. His uncle. But still, it had been the two of them soaking up the sun for the most part. She had a nice tan. And she was just beachy these days. Except. She thought she was getting fat. It was blur, how that might be. Wasn't that she'd lived on donuts nor fish and chips. In fact, she'd thrown up for some time now. It was creepy. She'd decided.

"Please, come clean. You been thinking about that bloke, haven't you. The one who left you high and dry?" He added.

"No, I haven't." She shook her head. Newt was gone. Nev was here. All was divine. Now wasn't it. Of course, Nev had a way of making her cum just on a finger tip. Not that it was the real deal. Just touchy feely stuff. Kiddie luv. She supposed. "Maybe, if you properly fucked me, I'd be done with you." She decided.

"Are you serious?" He looked as if it pained him to think such. "Maybe thats why haven't. I don't want you to be done with me." His dead stare over came her with grief. She didn't want to believe it might be true. This thing she might be carrying inside her already of Newt's. She didn't want it to be his. She didn't want it that way.

"Just let me go then." She swelled a frowned. Wondering where she'd go if she wasn't at his beach home. It would come fall soon. Then winter. Then what? Dig herself a hole to wallow in. She shoved her hands deep in the pockets of Nev's hoodie.

"What?" Nev didn't understand. How could he? She'd left him in the dark about the hollows of Hollyoaks. It was the past. She wanted everything to be brand new. How would he take it if he knew about Ste and whoring and whatnot. She thought she might choke then. What if Newt had nothing to do with her dilemma?

"I'm sorry, I'm so-" Her frowned soon turned to tears and he was hugging her. "I'm such trouble. Maybe I should jump off into the ocean. End it, you know." She cried into his shoulder.

"Don't talk like that." Dev assured her, he'd love her, no matter what. Ray smiled then. Just what she wanted.

"Then fuck me." She gave him a hard look. What were words, anyway?


ellie said...

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