Tuesday, August 10, 2010

as if it mattered

Lauren couldn't help but to give in to Gaz. After all, he was the best, now wasn't he?

Of course, it would help if they could spend a little of that cash they had stashed away. But then with a babe coming, it would be wise to save up. She wondered if he'd noticed. And if he did, it he'd be dumb enough to think the kiddie was his?

He was fast asleep now. Out like a little lamb.

If only she knew what to do.

"What are you gonna do?" She thought Needy would at least know. But all she could do was wail as if she were a goner already. What would her parents think? Her brother. Her sister?

"Who gives a fuck what they might think. At least you know its Newt's." Lauren let slip as she sat there on the floor of the bathroom, trying to keep her voice low.

"What?" It was as if Anita had came back to reality.

"NOTHING. Its nothing. No concern of yours." Lauren bit her upper lip, wishing she hadn't said as much. What a fool she was to think she could get away with it. Just her luck, Gaz would want to get it aborded anyway. He wasn't much for kiddies. He was such a kid, himself.

"What happened? Tell me?" Anita begged.

"No. You can't change anything more than I can." Lauren gritted. Really. It was a hard life ahead of her. No matter what. No matter who's kid this was.


E.L. said...

I love that picture of her. I would be worried too.

Anonymous said...

omg, I'm loving this. The Lauren stuff is my favourite from all your Hollyoaks fanfiction. Keep it up!

holly O said...

Thanks so much. Anon and E.L.

nick and heath said...

What will she do?

ivy's closet said...

I do love Lauren

lucy and sarah said...

this is so great. can't wait for more.