Friday, August 6, 2010

whats to suffice

"Stop it!" Lauren was not being sexy at all, lately. Gaz had barely pressed into her. "You're hurting my boobs." She warned.

They weren't even fucking. It was just sleep.

"Jesus, you a lesbo now?" He winced, turning his body from her. Couldn't a bloke touch his luv. An embrace in bed?

"Shut it." She was angry. "I'm exhausted." She sighed as if she needed another pillow to snuggle. The whole bed, in fact.

Gaz did wonder what was going on with her and Needy. She found quite a need to call Anita as of late. What was going on? Was she into something, on the side with her? Did they get it on when he was out. Months ago. Oh, sure, just mates. Best mates, he guessed. He laid there thinking on it. A smile slightly caught him off guard. Shit, he was getting a hard on thinking of the two. Jesus, what a fuck he was. Thinking his girl with another. Blasted porn, even. But his hard on was killing him. And him trying to jack off would not do.

"Please, luv, don't ya want to." He found himself begging.

"Not now." She edged away when she felt the hard shaft, hot, wet already, pressing against her bare buttocks. It was lovely. Or so Gaz thought. Her words meant nothing to him. They could fight about it later. She couldn't mean it. Could she?

Quick enough, he found her melting around him as he forged on in the middle of the night to find a peace of mind. It was sexy and made him complete. Perhaps.

"I love you." He whispered in her ear, afterwards.

She sighed. He didn't think he'd hurt her. He felt bad, he hadn't remembered the condom, but she had pills. Didn't she?


Anonymous said...

OMG Is she or isn't she? I can't wait for the next installment! This is good stuff lol.

ellie said...

hahahaah..I so love that pic of them.

holly O said...

Hey, thanks so much guys, for reading and commenting. I so appreciate it.

ivy said...

Wow, that was something.

simon and josh said...

I like where you are taking it.

meg said...

wow, sexy.