Saturday, August 14, 2010

Don't say no

Anita kept listening to Theressa droan on about all her scholastic deeds the past week. Anita couldn't remember the last thing she learned in class. She had a lot on her mind, and she couldn't stop thinking about what Lauren had said in their last phone call.

"At least you know who's babe you're carrying." She'd sounded so sad. Like it would be impossible to be happy about her situation as Anita was with Newt. Well, she hoped. Except, what if he turned into Emo boy and hated her guts. It was impossible to think what to really do. Especially, if your bloke was in a matter of speaking.

"How'd you get so smart?" Anita suddenly asked Theressa as if she might be a saint of some kind.

"I made up my mind, that's how." Theressa gave her a sullen look.

"That's all it took?" How could it be so simple? Really? "You didn't take a drug, now did you?"

"For fuck's sake, no, Needy. I did not." She was bitter now.

"I think you've had no fun, have you? You aren't going to the pub. Aren't with your mates? What the fuck is wrong with you?" Anita squinted.

"Nothing."  Theressa gritted.

"Come on, tell me?" Anita couldn't do a thing about Lauren and her kiddie situation. It was the least Theressa could do..was to spill about her suddenly being a genius.

"No." Theressa swelled a frown. She hugged herself tight and was all quiet for sometime..but then.... "I put some footballer in a coma."

"It was you?" Anita grinned. "Christ, he's still on life support."

"Shut it." Theressa winced. "I'm trying to make up for all the bad things I've done."

"By being smart?" Anita didn't get it. "Shouldn't it be more appropriate to build houses for the needy and feed the poor?"

"I don't work that way." Theressa gave Anita a look from the corner of her eye. "A mind is a terrible thing to waste."

Anita shook her head. Theressa was as arrogant as she ever was.


ellie said...

interesting to know about T.

E.L. said...

I'm glad Anita has figured her out.

Keith said...

Good that Anita knows the real Theressa.

meg said...

She is the worst. Usually.

lily said...

Lauren will always be her best friend, right???

simon and josh said...

I never liked Teressa.