Thursday, August 19, 2010

shine on

"Did ya hear, I think Ste's been put away for a good long time." Newt announced to anyone who would listen down at the Dog. As it was, he'd manned up to doing some bartending duties. Just mainly serving up ale and lager. Nothing fancy prevailed in this establishment.

"Really?" Anita found her a spot on the barstool, but she only wanted juice. "How so?"

"Illegal activies of some sort." Newt shrugged as if it were no business of his. At least his Emo boy had been put to rest for awhile now. He was seriously focusing on this job. Not that he was expecting tips. But if this bloke kept his skills up, they were looking at the next new footballer who was taking over for the one in a coma.

"Illegal? You don't say." Anita looked quite baffled.  Newt just smiled.

"Don't put a worry about him in that pretty little head of yours." He gave her a kiss on the forehead then. "So what is it?" It wasn't her to come here to spy on him.

"What if I told you-" She started.

"Told me what?" He couldn't take his eyes off her. It was clearly important.

"You were-you are going to be a Dad." She didn't smile.

"What?" There was a tickle in his throat. He winced as he went to fill an ale of mug. A part of him wanted to chew her out that she could have told him such confidential information alone. But he sucked it in. This was a joyous occasion. Now wasn't it? He put on a bright smile. Really, it would take some getting used too. Seriously, he wanted to shit his pants. This was fuck'n unbelievable. But it had been all the fucking that got him here in the first place. "Well, then, you should move in then. Don't you think?" It would be hell to pay on both ends when it came to the parents. But whatever. He yelped that drinks were on the house. "Just lager, of course." Some boos then, but everyone were takers. He had to get rid of the cheap stuff. Somehow.


axel said...

oh goodie!

Jess said...


ellie said...

He can be sweet when he wants too.

meg said...

I luv Newt. So sad to see him go on the show. All, my favs are just about gone now.