Thursday, August 26, 2010

when you aren't quite sure what to do

"I fuck'n don't get you!" Dave followed Josh all the way down to the pub. Of course, it was only downstairs from his flat. "Why get Needy involved in this?"

"Cause, she knows where Laurie's gone to. I just know it!" Josh gave Dave a shove to get him off his back.

"You just can't let anyone know about us, that's it, isn't it?" Dave edged on.

"Jesus! Shut it! Will you? Its important I know...some things." Josh gave Dave a dead stare then.

"What things?" Dave innocently scowled.

"We have a history, all right?" Josh explained too suddenly.

"Oh, right, of course you do." Dave gave him an angry look.

"She's a sweet lass." Josh looked sad about it.

"No, she isn't. She's a slapper just like her sis." Dave insisted. But they were in the pub now and Dave went to get them lager. It was on the house.

"Hey?" Josh managed to give Anita a nudge. "Whats the occasion?"

"I'm-I'm preggers." She wasn't smiling exactly about the matter.

"Oh." Josh just nodded. Instantly, he thought of Lauren. "You seen your best mate, as of late, have you?"

"No." But from the glare she gave him, he knew she had.

"Been in contact, then? You two are tight." Josh shrugged.

"Whats that suppose to mean, you wanker?" Anita pursed her mouth so. It was so damn kissable that Josh could almost taste it, but he looked back at Dave in the crowd.

"I miss her." Josh decided. Of course, that wasn't completely true, but for this second, he did.

"I dunno what you mean?" Anita looked at him rather grim.

"She's easy be sweet on." Josh slightly grinned.

"Is she?" Anita hugged herself.

"How about I come around to your place after school? Tomorrow? We could have a chat. Private, you know. Very private." Josh gave her a sly grin as he winced with the notion...he'd never done it with a pregnant lass before. That would be a first.


ellie said...

The title made me laugh.

ivy said...

I gotta wonder what he's up too.

simon and josh said...

I dunno if I trust Josh.

cathy. said...

Josh seems a bit on the sleazy side :/

a jacob black tale said...

He's so bad.

meg said...

I'm thinking Josh is gone evil.