Thursday, September 2, 2010

sis to sis

"What is it you're really hiding from me, sis?" It had been forever since Lauren had heard her sister's voice. She'd gone all the way to the only red both in this area to make the call to her sister's cell.

"What makes you think it? Aye?" She'd be in a bloody fight about now with Sasha if she saw her face to face. Her sister could be a bully if she had a mind too.

"I've been worried sick. You did get away from Ste, didn't you?" Sasha questioned.

"He's in the slammer, all right." Lauren pointed out.

"I see." Sasha sounded distant.

"Where are you?" Lauren was worried about her big sister.

"Safe, OK." Sasha quickly answered.

"You sure, there's no addiction you'd like to share? You still popping little pills?" Lauren always suspected she was much stronger than her big sister. She was a sap, on occasion, and a slapper too.

"Look, its none of your business. All right!" Sasha snapped.

"Dunno why I ever expected anything from you!" Lauren poured a bit of her heart out in anguish then. All alone in that red both. She felt as if she were in a beaker of some kind that was washed out to see.

"What's wrong?" Sasha turned to being her big sister once again as if Lauren had cried out for help.

"I'm pregnant." Lauren finally got the words out, but who in the hell really fuck'n cared?


Laura Tenshi said...

Oh wow, poor Lauren. What will happen to her and her baby, will she keep it? I will have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

Omg I can't wait to see what happens next. More Lauren/Gaz stuff please! Keep up the good work :)

meg said...

More Lauren please...