Wednesday, September 8, 2010

talk about it

Rae hoped she didn't see Gaz once she got back to the village, but the closer she got to Hollyoaks there was only one bloke she could think of. Newt.

It was fuzzy at first. How it was with him. Lovely, she thought. So consumed with him. Or was it exactly like that? It was a miserable funct she was in. She had her a new lover who might have had as much grit at Gaz. Yet not as obsessive. Or was she the one obsessed. Not so much with him, but the drugs.

But that had been some time ago, and things had changed. She wasn't doing any. Now. It gave her a lot of perspective on thing. Perhaps. And that miserable fact she was carrying Newt's child. But when she thought of him now, he wasn't exactly his Emo self as she recalled. But just Newt. And was it really all that special, after all?

She held Nev's hand now. He was truly caring. And he really wanted to know how she was feeling. He hadn't asked where they'd go once they got there. Her Nan's she guessed. Of course, that would big trouble, but where else could they go? Not like they could find a place with Newt. She wouldn't want to. She wasn't even sure she wanted Newt to know of Nev. It might mean trouble.

"You're trembling." Nev said to her then as he cuddled with her.

"Its nothing." She tensed.

"Please, it can't be nothing. Tell me, what is it? I've waited for weeks, you know, for you to spill." Nev looked a bit frustrated as his finger tips  stretched across her cheek. "I love you, you know."

If only she could say it back. But how could she when her heart belonged to someone else who wasn't coming back for her. Thats when she told him about the baby. Somebody was going to be a Dad and Nev thought it was himself.


Anonymous said...

WOW. Rae, Anita AND Lauren up the duff, I can't wait to see what happens next. More Lauren please! Keep up the good work :)

meg said...

hahahaha..oh, Rae..Newt is just leaving himself everywhere.

ellie said...

they are all getting seems.

ori said...

Everyones pregnant but Teressa in this one...hmmmm...