Sunday, October 31, 2010

a bit of a quandry

"Um...." Lauren wasn't sure where to start. What the reporter really wanted from her....

At least, they'd gotten a ballistic Gaz off camera. They'd taken him to the emergency and shot him up good with something to relax him. Other wise, he was a rabid dog.

"Look. I love him. He loves me. Who in the fuck, really cares..who the father of the baby is, huh?" She fretted.

"Just how many blokes have you slept with?" The excutive looking excution with the thick glasses looked at her. The 40 something year old broad, crossed her legs patiently.

"A few." Lauren was a bit stoic. She said she'd tell everything. Now, she wasn't so sure it was a good idea. But it was a goddamn reality show. Everything would be uncovered. She needed the cash to go with the stolen cash, so it wouldn't look suspicious. She had to hold tight, yet be herself.

"Do you remember their names?" The sly reporter pursed her lips.

"Yeah." Lauren looked at her indifferent. She was past the thought of who's kiddie this might be.

They might as well have been in a padded room. It was a cranberry red. All carpet. Still Lauren felt disgusted. Sick, even. Yet, it was true, the babe was there too. It began to kick. She held her little round tummy. "It doesn't really matter who's it is. Its still part black." Did she need to dwell on this any further? She was the minority here, wasn't she?


ayşegül said...

happy halloween..enjoy ıt..:))

good sunday xx

meg said...

Poor Lauren. I feel sad for her. This is really an interesting take on their story.

better days said...

Oh, Lauren..she's a player..I'm beginning to think.

ellie's nanowrimo said...

I like how this is going..very much.