Thursday, November 4, 2010

say it ain't so

"What is she trying to say?" Josh and Dave said practically in unison as they watched the tele. They were at Josh's flat. All cuddly cause they were too cheap to turn on the heat. They didn't even make a brew, but shared a bottle of last year's Christmas wine that never got drunk up. It was a little harsh, burning their throats, but it had warmed them up just the same.

Josh winced hard. Dave winced even harder.

"No." Dave shook his head, "Couldn't be mine..cause..cause really.."

"Really what?" Josh shot him a luck. It couldn't be his either cause they weren't proper fucks they had, by any means.

"Bet its Ste's. He can look at a lass an..and make her preggers." Dave cracked up. Of course, it was ashame, all his flings were about to burst these days. "That fuck gets around."

"No kidding." Josh wasn't taking the blame for this one. Still it shocked him, what she'd said. He'd never suspected Lauren of ever being self loathing. "I hope she finds her a good bloke some day. Make her see she's well worth it, you know." But Josh knew it wouldn't be him. It wouldn't be Dave, either. As it was, they were pretty giddy with each other.


lucy and sarah said...

oh,those two. They deserve each other.

better days said...

hahahahaa..this gave me a laugh.

ivy's closet said...

What easy blokes they are.

ivy said...

I loved it.

meg said...

I'm glad she's not around either of those 2.