Monday, November 8, 2010

starry eyed

"Well..." Rae was all grins as she held Nev's hand. They were really together in this endeavor of thiers as she sat there in front of the cameras, practically in Nev's lap. "I'm just so glad I found him, you know. It had really been crazy with Newt. He's not to be trusted, you know. How did I know he had this mysterious personality that took over him, like it did. Don't see how Needy can trust him, as it is." She looked at Nev very fondly then as she messed with his hair. She gave him a kiss on the check. "Guess, someone was looking out for me, up above." She looked at the ceiling then as if it had been a miracle to find Nev when she did. "He's my lovely, Angel, you know."

He touched her belly then, and smiled.

"How will it be once the infatuation wears off?" The stern reporter looked at them. Rae thought she was a bit leggy, like from one of those 80's videos where the woman all wore black suits in ADDICTED TO LOVE.

Rae found herself sucking in a breath. She cringed slightly.

"Infatuation?" Nev stepped up then. "This not a fatuation? I have REAL FEELINGS for her." He claimed up then. Showed the reporter what he meant as dove into Rae's neck and up her ear. He was very much in love with her. And he wanted to show the cameras that he meant business.