Saturday, November 20, 2010

no telling where it all lands

Gaz couldn't keep a thing down. He felt as if he might be floating on air. It seemed so impossible. They'd treated him like an animal here. This wasn't the HUNGER GAMES. Jesus, what the fuck was wrong with these imbeciles that ran this place. Couldn't he just make an effort to speak his fucking mind?

Now he was all subdued and anchored. He supposed. He hated this shit. What did they mean, he had to get it under control. For fuck's sake, he was just..just..shit he didn't know what he was anymore. They were suppose to be teams. Together. Now he felt so alone. Lauren didn't really need him, did she?

"Of course, I do." They still stayed in the same room. But it was all so artificial. No sex.

Well, he wasn't up for it really. He guessed. It was all getting warped. There was a bad taste in his mouth. And everyone was in this for themselves. He heard they took Newt to the emergency after his big outlandish disturbing deed he'd done to Needy.

"You think she's all right?" He winced there on his bad that wasn't much more than being in a cute but cheap department store set up that was just laboratory purposes. Plastic crap on the walls in neon colors. It was all degrading, he thought.

"Yeah, I do." Lauren sounded numb. "She knew what he was about, long before that episode. She may have the shits, but that's about it."

Gaz grimaced slightly. Poor heifer, she didn't need this kind of fuck'n around. She was preggers. They were suppose to be taking care of her, not exposing every misery.

Gaz hugged himself. He was so cold.  Lauren came from behind him. Her hot belly warmed his back. He squinted hard as the little monster kicked into him. Who's little bugger was he?


ivy's closet said...

Poor Gaz. He's not suppose to be in captivity.

meg said...

hahahah..oh, Gaz.

ori said...

I love this about Gaz..oh I hope he'll be there for Lauren.

E.L. said...

Gaz has gotta hang in there.