Thursday, December 16, 2010

bitter thoughts

"I find him a waste of my time." Newt sighed. "I find this a complete waste."

"Well, it could be worse." Gaz told him. "You should be squatting in a shithole, still."

Newt had nothing to say to that. Yes, it could be worse. But he hated the media following him everywhere.

"The key is to eat it up, mate. EAT IT UP." Gaz gave him a glare then. They only had a few minutes to spare in the green room before they took them on a field trip with Charlie. Helping kids in need.

Suddenly, Newt felt so numb. All he wanted was some peace and quiet with Anita. He couldn't express how much he wanted to be alone with her. Really alone.

It was the holiday's for God's sakes. Couldn't they let them alone for a little while. He hated being under a microscope for the whole world to see. Really, he wasn't a bad fellow. He wasn't. OK, so he had had that split personality phase. Didn't mean he was a psycho. And his Emo self had not wanted to come out and play, either.

"How?" He hated to ask Gaz for help. He was the nasty one, wasn't he? The virgin teenage bully who had only banged Lauren.

"Smile. Damn it." He gave Newt a cold look.

"I've been thinking." Newt let it spill. He didn't want to see his so called mate smiling.

"About what?" Gaz was his usual sullen self.

"You and Rae." Newt gave him a dead stare. "You being truthful." He'd just watched the old interview again how he was going on and on about faithful he'd been to Lauren.

"Truthful, about what?" Gaz winced.

"You banged her, didn't you?" Newt wanted to know. Gaz scrunched a face then. A sly smile grew on Newt's lips. He was going to talk to someone about this. Now.


natalie said...

I have come across your blog and seem to really love it. Keep at it, because you are extremely good. Just came to stop by. I would sign in but i am on a school computer so no thanks. (:


It's a Girl said...

sorry i didn't log in, but it was the school computer and they track down every site we go

Yesha said...

I missed the characters here. :D