Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just pride mostly

Why was it, everyone was calling her Needy now? It just seemed to have stuck. It was annoying Anita so much, but she gave up. It was just too much energy, telling everyone her real name. And Newt was being a jerk.

"Can't you just calm down?" She was in tears about it back in their room, when she hoped they were having quiet time, but who knew, maybe they were on film right now..even if they were in the loo.

"No. I hate being under a microscope and that Charlie, how could you kiddies be in love with him?" He was taking a piss and Needy was getting a tad claustrophobic.

"Did I say I was?" She fretted. "Its Rae who wants him, you know." She hugged herself as she watched him zip up his skinny black jeans.

"Christmas was shit." He gave her a nausea look as if it had been her, and her alone to drag him into all this mess. "What the fuck, this reality TV shit, luv? I hate it! I fuck'n hate it?"

No doubt he might morph into a complete different personality that was not emo boy nor good old Newt. This bloke was ancy and full of negativity.

"Babe, we've got a roof over our head!" Anita winced hard. Had he forgot they could see the stars at night in their little love nest where he'd squatted for so long. Naturally, it was where there love had grown, and she was most definitely in a full blown baby bum now.

As it was, they'd found out the babe was a girl. He'd been so sweet during that segment to see live science in progress. Now he was just a fuck'n ass. What was she to do?

"Fine." He looked at her as if she thought he was a fool. "But I can do more than groom shitty poodles, can't I?"

"Well, of course." She shrugged. What did he have in mind?

"I think we should have our own show." He pressed his lips tight. It was true. He did have something in mind in the loo, after all. Cameras wouldn't catch them in here, fucking.


ivyoaks said...

this is troubling.

It's a Girl said...

hope things work out here, it seems, complicated between them.

meg said...

Newt needs to man up.

Cait said...

poor needy!

Yesha said...

Wonder what's really going on. o_O