Sunday, January 23, 2011

brutal honesty

"He wouldn't just leave, would he?" Rae chased down Needy at breakfast. She was only having toast and tea while Rae was having her usual egg sandwich.

"Maybe." Needy was being mysterious. She plopped herself down at the back table of the lunchroom, and Rae sat across from her. "Maybe its for the best, you know."

"But you'd be all alone?" Rae stared at her arch-nemesis, she supposed. After all, they were both having Newt's baby. And to think she'd been fond of his dark side, but now, being sane and no extra personalities, he was just being a real dick, fuckwad...something along that line. OK, a real asshole. It made her bitter to think it had come to this.

"I want a word with him." Rae decided. Yes, she was fine with her Frenchie which was actually French-Canadian, but what the fuck, he was treating her right. And she'd just as soon think of him as the father of her baby. She'd done so well, not to make the baby an issue during this project. She'd asked nothing of Newt. Until now.

"No. Don't." Needy was all teary eyed. She bit her bottom lip.

"What is it?" Rae gave her a serious look.

"I'm-I'm not even sure the-the baby is even his." She finally told her.

"What?" Rae winced hard. "What are you saying?"

"The baby's father is in jail." Needy pressed her lips tight.

"Jail? As in Ste? How could you?" She'd had horrible dealing with the hoodlum herself back in Hollyoaks. He was a real piece of shit. "LISTEN! You go on thinking that's Newt's baby. Hear me? You have too. You can't let Ste near your baby. You just can't."

Rae felt sad for Needy now. She reached out and took Needy's hand. They had to stick together.


It's a Girl said...

Woah Baby! Poor child, the baby isn't even born and the father is already in jail. I hope Rae and Needy put their feelings aside to join together.

ellie said...

Friendship is very important.

cait said...

Rae isn't all bad.

meg said...

I really hope Anita's baby is not Ste's.